Pros And Cons Of Laser Treatment For Piles

The bottom of the rectum's enlarged blood vessels, tissues, and/or tissues are what cause piles and haemorrhoids. Blood veins, nerve endings, glands, and tissues abound in the anal area. Pile formation may occur when an excessive amount of pressure is applied to the area as a result of diarrhoea, constipation, lifting large objects, or for any other reason. Apna Surgeon provides the best Laser Piles Treatment in Vadodara through top Piles Surgeon in Vadodara.

Internal and External Piles

Depending on where they grow, piles are divided into internal and external categories. External piles can be observed around the anus, whereas internal piles develop on the inside surface of the rectum and anus. Although mild piles may not exhibit any symptoms, they frequently produce itchiness, irritation, pain, localised inflammation, and sometimes bleeding.

How do piles become treated?

There are a number of nonsurgical and surgical treatments for piles. Some of the options are rubber band ligation, pile freezing, and energy beam amputation. Using laser technology is the most recent approach of treating piles. At the Apna Surgeon known for Piles Treatment In Vadodara, patients will get help from most skilled Piles Surgeon In Vadodara, for the laser treatment.

Benefits of Laser Surgery for Piles 

When opposed to other traditional incision-based procedures, treating piles using laser surgery has a number of advantages. They consist of:

Minimal Blood Loss: Blood loss during surgery is a crucial consideration for every procedure. Less blood loss results from the laser's ability to partially seal blood tissues and vessels when the heaps are sliced. The blood loss, according to some doctors, is essentially nonexistent. There is a significant reduction in the likelihood of infection when the wound is partially or completely closed.

Little Pain: As compared to wounds created with a knife, laser cutting is often less painful. Despite the fact that the procedure is performed under local anaesthetic, patients may experience pain as the anaesthesia wears off. With laser surgery, the pain is significantly reduced.

Rapidly completed:  Compared to other surgical methods of eliminating piles, employing laser technology to remove piles is a comparatively quick operation. Depending on where and how many piles need to be removed, surgery to remove them often takes 30 minutes or less. After the procedure, the patient will be discharged and won't need to stay in the hospital.

Rapid healing: Reduced blood loss after surgery, a decreased risk of infection, and partially sealed tissues all contribute to the operation site's quick recovery. The majority of the time, patients who had piles treated with laser surgery can go back to work a week after the procedure. People can observe how rapidly their quality of life has improved following surgery.

No Damage to Neighbouring Tissues: If the piles are operated on with a laser by a skilled surgeon, there is very little likelihood that the piles' surrounding tissues or the muscles around them will be harmed. Faecal incontinence may arise from any injury to the spinal muscles, and it will feel like the situation has gotten worse.

Precision-based therapy: Because laser beams are so precise and narrow, they are used in many fields, including medical technology. A skilled urologist or gastrosurgeon can utilise a laser to just eliminate the problematic areas of the body, leaving the healthy areas unaffected.

Laser treatment for piles has drawbacks

The coin always has two sides. Each technology has its benefits and drawbacks. Just like other treatments, laser therapy for piles has drawbacks.

Cost: The benefits of laser treatment drive up the cost relative to other operations, even if the surgery is quicker than conventional surgery. The cost of laser treatment can still be viewed as reasonable because the advantages outweigh the potential post-operative problems.

Needs Expertise: It is difficult to treat diseases with laser beams. Laser Piles surgery needs expertise and Laser Piles Treatment should only be done by experts.


Be aware that more than 50% of the population suffers from piles, making them a highly prevalent issue. If you have any of the piles symptoms, you should see your doctor to receive the proper care. Just choose laser surgery over any other type of traditional scalpel-based surgery if your doctor recommends it as a last resort. We are confident that our Laser Piles Surgeon In Vadodara will provide you with all the care you require with our Laser Piles Treatment in Vadodara. To schedule an appointment, contact us at (+91 90812 93972) from 9 am to 7 pm.