How long does it take for circumcision to fully recover

The majority of circumcision decisions are made for cultural, religious, or individual reasons. Even though it is not medically necessary, men should get circumcised because the advantages outweigh the potential health risks. Male circumcision (MC) was among the first surgical procedures carried out by mankind. Because circumcision may reduce the risk of sexually transmitted illnesses such as human papilloma, genital ulcer disease, and HIV infection, it has a more common practice around the world. It is also well known that circumcision enhances penile topical hygiene.

During male circumcision, the redundant foreskin is removed and the glans is exposed.

Indications for Male Circumcision Treatment

Phimosis is a condition in which it is difficult to retract (drawback) the foreskin from the area around the tip of the penis.

Paraphimosis: When the foreskin can be pulled back but not back into place, it is said to have undergone paraphimosis. There might be a medical emergency here.

Balanitis: An estimated 3–11% of men, regardless of age, suffer from balanitis, an inflammation of the glans penis.

Penile yeast infections: Recurrent fungal infections are possible in the area beneath the penile foreskin.

UTI: UTIs are recurrent infections of the urinary tract brought on by abnormalities in the urinary tract or unsanitary settings.

Trauma: To prevent scarring and the development of adhesions, isolated injuries to the foreskin, such as zipper injuries and foreskin tearing, may call for a circumcision.

Consideration should be given to male circumcision in order to prevent penile cancer and STDs.

Conventional Circumcision / Open Circumcision Treatment

The most popular technique used by urologists to treat the aforementioned penile problems is Conventional / Open circumcision. According to WHO recommendations, there are three possible methods of conventional circumcision. They are the sleeve resection, the forceps-guided technique, and the dorsal slit. However, men who have conventional circumcision still frequently experience side effects such as bleeding, oedema, a protracted healing process, and disappointing cosmetic outcomes with either of the methods.

Why Say No to Open Circumcision Treatment?

As has already been noted, open circumcision is a difficult process. There are several cuts, wounds, and sutures involved. It follows that the traditional technique is painful and has a lengthy recovery period. As a result, the patient needs roughly 4-6 weeks to fully recuperate from open circumcision. The patient must often change the bandage and refrain from consuming any form of Additionally, the odds of infections and other issues, like post-operative bleeding, are relatively significant when using the traditional method of circumcision. Following an open circumcision, common side effects include intraoperative bleeding, edoema, and penile inflammation. In such circumstances, the patient's recuperation process just lengthens and gets worse.

Apna Surgeon brings you the power of ZSR Circumcision in Vadodara

Apna Surgeon has some of the best surgeons for performing ZSR Circumcision in Vadodara. ZSR Circumcision is an alternate device technology that was first created by the Chinese business ZSR Biomedicals and is now used globally. ZSR Circumcision is a sophisticated circumcision technique that replaces standard sutures with a surgical stapler to cut and seal the cut edges of the skin. In a traditional circumcision, the surgeon must first use a knife to cut the skin before stitching it. The gadget does both the cutting and the staple-stitching in ZSR circumcision technology.

Technique of ZSR Circumcision in Vadodara

The stapler for circumcisions is one-time use only item. The non-absorbable skin stapler for disposable circumcisions is a sterile, hand-held, manual surgical tool designed to be used during circumcision. The foreskin will be cut, and a circular row or rows of staples will be placed close to the cut line. Typically, the stapler section comprises a dome designed to be placed beneath the foreskin over the glans penis and a circular-cutting stapler mechanism with a manual lever designed to connect over the outside of the foreskin.

The usual procedural steps of stapler circumcision involve the following :-

Anesthesia – ZSR Circumcision is done either under local, regional or general anesthesia depending on the age and medical fitness of the male.

ZSR Circumcision treatment Duration – The surgery duration is 30 minutes. The surgery is performed in daycare. The patient can go home the same day.

ZSR Surgery stitches – No stitches are used.

Benefits of ZSR Circumcision Treatment

1.    The foreskin is first entirely sliced using the stapler, which reduces post-procedure pain. 
2.    Patients who have their circumcisions with staplers heal more quickly. 
3.    Patients who go for ZSR Circumcision Treatment experience reduced wound dehiscence. 
4.    Little tissue damage
5.    Less complications following surgery
6.    Reduced operating time
7.    Less blood loss overall.
8.    A quick and secure method of male circumcision.
9.    Quicker recuperation, up to 12 hours.
10.  Nice cutting edge that supports a pleasing appearance.
11.  Applied to both adults and children.

Recovery Duration after ZSR circumcision treatment in Vadodara:

1.    The patient needs three weeks to heal fully following the stapler circumcision.
2.    The patient can return home the same day after surgery.
3.    For the first 24 hours, very little sleep is necessary.
4.    After 48 hours, the bandage (dressing) is replaced. The simple clothing change can be completed at home.
5.    After ZSR circumcision, there is very little discomfort.
6.    Office employment is not restricted unless it involves physically demanding exercise.
7.    After a stapler circumcision, patients are advised to wait three weeks before masturbating or engaging in sexual activity.

Laser surgery for circumcision in Vadodara

The procedure of laser surgery for circumcision is done in daycare facilities. The patient is able to go home the same day as the treatment thanks to this. Without affecting the nearby skin tissues, the laser beam just affects the foreskin. The complete laser circumcision treatment lasts only 10 to 15 minutes without causing any discomfort or leaving any scars. There are no difficulties and it does not require regular dressing.

Recovery Duration after laser circumcision to heal?

With laser surgery for circumcision, the patient might have a quick and painless healing process. Less than a week later, the patient recovers and can go back to his normal schedule. Patients must adhere to the straightforward directions provided by the doctor and schedule prompt follow-ups in order to ensure easy recovery following circumcision. One of the most important pieces of advice is to refrain from sexual activity for a few days to can heal correctly. Therefore, only engage in sexual activity once the doctor certifies that it won't injure the penis.


You can tell from comparing the two surgeries that both types of Circumcision Treatment i.e. laser surgery for circumcision and ZSR Circumcision in Vadodara have their distinct benefits Therefore, you can get in touch with us at Apna Surgeon if you need to get a Circumcision treatment. We have a ZSR circumcision as well as a laser circumcision facility, which our very skilled and experienced doctors use. Without hesitation, you can phone us, and our medical coordinator will address all of your questions about the laser circumcision surgery.