10 Reasons Why You Should Choose Laser Treatment Over Conventional Surgery

Shedding Light on a Common yet Overlooked Health Condition – Piles

Have you ever experienced a sharp shooting pain near the anus while clearing your bowels? If not pain, do you face troubles in the lower rectum region, such as constipation? Or, probably even after clearing your stools, you have felt discomfort and fire-like heat on the skin near the rectum or anus? If you have said yes or nodded to one or all of the above mentioned symptoms, there is a high chance you have Piles.

Piles, also known as Haemorrhoids, are a common and typical problem which almost everyone experiences in their lifetime by the age of 50. Sensitive glands, tissues and blood vessels surround the anal region. When the veins in the lowest part of the rectum and the anus swell, we develop a condition called Piles or Haemorrhoids. Piles result from increased stress and pressure on these blood vessels and tissues due to pregnancy, lack of physical activity, straining while clearing bowels, or being overweight. It is often believed that stress and mental pressure can also lead to swollen veins.

There primary and evident symptoms of piles are pain, itching, bleeding and piles that protrude through the anal canal. There are two types of Haemorrhoids: Internal and External.

External piles are painful and uncomfortable as they develop on the skin on the outside and around the anus. You will be able to see or feel a lump protruding outside of your anus, which causes irritation each time it is eroded when you try to clear your system. If piles treatment in Vadodara or elsewhere is ignored, then external piles can expand and cause sudden and severe pains. Internal Piles are painless but might cause bleeding. If you do not pay attention to the signs, internal piles may prolapse into external haemorrhoids.

People often neglect to speak about this issue or consult professional doctors because they are embarrassed and feel the piles will be resolved on its own with time. But that’s not the case! Medical study and science have advanced over the years. We not only have qualified doctors who can assist you with piles. Over the years, the best piles surgeons in Vadodara have suggested the best remedies to cure piles, such as exercising, consuming fibre-rich food, topical lotions and creams, oral medicines, soaking the anal region in warm water for 10-15 minutes, three times a day. This process is also called sitz bath. More extreme treatments include performing an open surgery, but it may have side—effects such as pain and bleeding.

Thus, the most reliable, quick and pain-free remedy for treating piles is a non-invasive laser piles surgery. Therefore, instead of ignoring it, seek qualified and professional medical help before the situation worsens.

Laser Piles Surgery – What to Expect

Here we have listed a few benefits of opting for a laser piles treatment in Vadodara for an in-depth and straightforward understanding.

1.      Minimally Invasive: Laser piles surgery procedure is a popular method as it is minimally invasive. This procedure has fewer cuts and incisions compared to the traditional open surgery method. The laser beam directly targets the affected area without harming or hurting the surrounding tissues, skin or glands.

2.      Minimal to Zero Blood Loss: If you opt for a laser piles treatment in Vadodara or elsewhere, you can stay assured to expect minimal to almost nil blood loss. Unlike traditional surgery, which is done manually, there are no stitches, wounds and bleeding as the laser removes the blood clot with utmost accuracy and precision.

3.      Negligible Scarring: As there are no cuts, stitches or sutures, there is no worry of scars as well! The incisions for the laser to reach the affected area are small and not visibly huge. Therefore, the scars are tiny and will fade with time.

4.      Local Anaesthesia: Many guidelines are associated with open piles surgery, such as getting admitted a day prior, stopping the consumption of solids and liquid hours before the surgery and many others to prepare the body for general anaesthesia. General anaesthesia can cause side effects, and the whole procedure can be expensive. Contrary to this, laser piles treatment is quick as it can be performed with a local anaesthesia where only the target area is numbed for a smooth laser surgery.

5.      Reduced Pain and Discomfort: As mentioned, there are no stitches and open cuts in laser treatment. Thus, this route eliminates the possibility of pain and discomfort for longer days. As the process is minimally-invasive, patients experience minimal pain for some time.

6.      Quick Recovery Period: In conventional surgeries, patients need to be under intense care and monitoring, but such is not the case with laser surgeries. Laser piles surgery requires shorter healing periods and less extreme post-operative care and monitoring.

7.      Outpatient Procedure: In a laser surgery, a piles laser surgeon in Vadodara will complete the entire surgery in a day-care facility. This means that with laser piles surgery, you do not have to get admitted to the hospital for a day or two. You will be admitted on the day of the surgery and discharged on the same day!

8.      Lower Risk of Complications: In a laser surgery, the only side-effect you can have is a minimal scarring and bleeding on the affected area and that also for some time. Otherwise, there are no other complications involved with laser surgeries.

9.      Worry-Free After Care: After the surgery, you do not have to keep taking hospital rounds or stay dependent on medicines. A few days of medication and 1-2 follow-up visits are sufficient.

10. High Success Rates: The success rate of laser piles surgery are high and positive. You can trust this route to get rid of haemorrhoids and lead a healthy and balanced life.
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